According to Hindu calendar, the year starts with the month Chaitra… Whereas the Bengali calendar reads Choitro Mash (Chaitra Month) as the last month of the year. With a diversity of ininite thoughts and traditions, every province has acknowledged unlike importance of this month. Whether it falls at the start or end, it is counted as one of the most auspicious months. It is told that Brahmadeva had initiated the formation of the Srishti and the planets, stars, seasons were created succeedingly. Many auspicious festivals are celebrated during this period of the year. It’s spring in the western countries, whereas in India Choutra, Choitro, Chet, Set, Choutramu, Chourtyam are the various names given to this auspicious month. With reference to such mythological assumptions, the year must start with positivity so that the following period is passed in happiness and peace is taken into consideration. A single thought of this beautiful notion Leads to a pictorial of a splendid emblazonment. During this season, intolerable heat doesn’t let the people come out in blistering sun during the daytime. The exam periods are over almost and or has to spend the day in homes or ofices. Still possessing a human psyche, it’s dificult to survive without entertainment. So for passing time the mediums of television and the most trending social are used. But these mediums are not meant for the bland entertainment or social gathering. It is a mere addiction to the television, phones and similar gadgets which is creating distances among the closed ones. With a thought to all of this and to be a cause of a great social gathering, we COABARCians have organized the arts and entertainment gala, CHAITRA FEST in our very own Amravati city. During Chaitra Fest you would we able to explore the current religion, politics and social topics through arts, entertainment and installations. Numerous artists and maestros would be putting forth their masterpieces and artworks in this grand fest. This ive-day long festival would confer magniicent plays with SFX (Special Effects) and artistic contents. Various dancing and singing events are also going to be part of the fest. Lead Speakers from various ields would we delivering lectures and demonstrations on current and exceptional topics. Discussions about career opportunities, new technological and technical innovations are also organized for the youngat-heart public. Stalls with art pieces, technical installations and entertainment sources are going to be arranged. This brings a huge opportunity to converge with notable stars and various artists. This ive-day fest is surely going to be another hit from we COABARCians to our loved Amravati city. Your precious arrival to the Chaitra Fest is eagerly awaited. Thankyou Yours Vijay Raut Director Chaitra Fest, Amravati

Purpose- The temperature hits 38 to 40 degree Celsius for summers in Amravati which leads the people to be inside homes or ofices only. As the exams periods are over, the student class of kids are curious about the entertainment sections while the adults are more scrutinizing about business and technical knowledge. Thinking about the daily boredom of usage from mediums like ilms, tele

Art Installations

In this beautiful world, thousands of new inventions and experiments are carried out earnestly by the artists, writers, scientists, engineers and technologists. Artists are working harder for aesthetics while the scientists are pushing limits for speeding up the things for us. Along with this numerous questions arise daily on the topics like religion, superstition, injustice, atrocity, adultery, crime, etc. leading to ights among people. Such global problems are going to be presented in form of art installations, paintings and sculptures. In this way we are contributing to create awareness as well as to bring joy to the audience.


Art Exhibition

Numerous renowned as well as rising artists are going to participate to present their art pieces, sculptures, murals, paintings, photography and digital paintings. The best pieces among the thousands of digital presentations would be kept forth for display. For this, the judging committee would be

Short Film Exhibition

In this Short Film Exhibition, international level short films (live and animated) are going to be nominated. The best of them shall be picked and aired in the theatre of COABARC during the fest every day.  the film will be felicitated with award in award ceremony held on the last day. Numerous Film artists would be beautifying the award distribution ceremony.